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A Combination of Style,Functionality and Creativity.

We bringing energy and initiative to every project.

What We Do

Creativity is the only word to describe Peregrine SoftwareRanchi. We know best how to align our innovative imaginations to our client's vision.

Digital Branding

Through digital branding, we can summon well designed experiences that will make your customers remember and ultimately love your brand.

ios/Android Apps

We build creative real world apps compatible with multiple mobile operating systems with complete backend and frontend implementations.

Web Development

Our team of creative professionals can provide the best Web Design and Development Solutions that meet our client's vision and goals.

Social Media Marketing

We help you in promoting your brand and your content on social media to increase the brand popularity and drive more traffic to your business.


Using a combination of newest onsite and offsite techniques, we improve your website's organic visibility in search engine results.

Digital Marketing

With our experienced and professional team, we deliver you creative and reliable solutions for improving your brand popularity.

Our Features

By deployment of a set of features tailored to meet certain needs of a specific market segment we allow companies to introduce considerable advantages into their business, obtain significant results and make substantial advances.


We provide customized development services, considering the objectives for which the software is being developed.

User Experience

We possess the right expertise and the required set of resources to ensure excellent user experience development.

Holistic Strategy

Peregrine Softwaredeploys a slew of marketing strategies to create a holistic approach to your campaign.

Super Selective

Setting priorities straight we provide you with extreme value for the money you spend with them.


Our team of enthusiastic experts work with you to capture your vision to ensure desired user experiences are met.

Pricing Structure

With transparent & considerate project costing, we give you an accurate picture of the costs of the development.


Any confidential info. about your company & your project development remains safe with us.

On Time Delivery

Punctuality isn't a courtesy; it's a must at the workplace to ensure that you get your project done on time.

Satisfied Clients